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For Women Only: Do you REALLY know who you are?

by Precous Quire-McCloud

You are special and God created you for a very specific purpose.  NO situation has the power to defeat you. You are destined for greatness in EVERY area of your life and have the ability to access the tools you need to live joyfully and receive the goodness that is rightfully yours.


At times, I'm sure you wonder if you're going to sink or swim and believe those to be your only two options.  Yes, circumstances arise that present difficulty and doubt, but there IS a third option that speaks to God's will for you and His ability to be a very present help just when you need it.  So, what's left, you ask?........WALKING ON THE WATER, that's what!  In the natural, walking on water seems far-fetched or impossible, but since there is no physical water to speak of, the same can be said of "sinking" and "swimming" when referring to a personal situation, performance on the job or some type of struggle.


The difference you see, has a great deal to do with the positive messages you feed to your inner being (self-esteem) and the positive attitude you project towards others.  When combined with your faith that God is able, He can and He gain a new and life-changing perspective. What do you tell yourself…about yourself?  In what ways do your friends represent your values and support your goals?  It's important that you surround yourself with people who will encourage you and are supportive of the wonderful person you already are!


A long time ago, I made a decision that I was not going to allow anyone to define my worth.  No, my parents didn't have a lot of money and I didn't wear the latest fashions, have the best hairstyles or drive the best car (truthfully, I didn't have a car), but what I did have was a very strong sense of who I was (thanks mom and dad!) and "who" I wanted to become.  I'm not referring to occupation or social status, but rather the 'type' of person I desired to be (kind, compassionate, giving, empathetic to the needs of others, etc...)  Even as a teenager, I understood the importance of being and feeling valued.  My parents made me feel that way so it was natural for me to want to provide the same to those around me.


 When I laughed; I laughed hard.  When I cheered; I cheered hard and made no apologies for it.  I still don't.  Some things are fine in moderation, but sometimes you just gotta overdose on the things that feed your joy and give your life its wings of purpose and happiness.  I love my family too much, I kiss and hug my children too hard, I am too loyal to the friends who genuinely seek my good and I sing life's praises too loud!  I've also learned from others that I am too happy and smile too much.  Whaaaat?!?!  The people (and there have been many) who have said those things to me were not trying to be nice.  They had no idea the venom that left their mouth was sweet nectar when it reached my ears and I walked away happier and smiling harder. 

My friends, the key to happiness isn't necessarily about being 'happy'.  I have dark days and expect to continue to have them in the future.  My happiness isn't dependent upon temporary situations.  I believe the key to happiness is mastering the art of perspective.  Basically, I squeeze everything I can out of the time I'm given on this earth.  Only I can walk the path that has been set for me.  It's my journey; and the same is true for you.  When you're living this thing called life, who has time to pause just to see who's watching and criticizing?  Life is far too amazing to leave crumbs of potential, joy, enthusiasm, hope or expectancy on the table.  Those things belong to us! 

Let me tell you something about possession...when something is valuable to you, no one should be able to take it from you easily or without you putting up a fight.  I want you to value you!  Value the gifts you possess!  Value the struggles that have made (or are making) you stronger, wiser, resilient, more kind/loving, better. Value the right you were given at birth to just be happy.  Do you hear me?  You weren't created to feel constant sorrow, to be the object of constant ridicule or to be surrounded by darkeness.  You weren't born to have a life of sadness and depression.  When things happen to you or you experience a setback, it's okay.  It may be the end of a relationship or an employment contract, but it's not the end of YOU!  You WILL make it through.....there is STILL joy to be WILL smile again.  I have come to the realization that I AM special, I AM unique and I have a gift to share with others.  No one can do 'me' as well as I can!  You are NO different....YOU are special, YOU are unique and YOU have soooo many gifts and talents!  No one can do 'you' as well as you can, so UBU!!!



You must never be intimidated by another woman's success or be falsely strengthened by her weaknesses or failures.  The same way you are unique and are the best thing since sliced bread, so is every other woman out there (and if she hasn't realized it yet, it's only a matter of time before she meets me and I let the secret out of the bag!). 


Hear me: Someone else's success and/or good fortune do not take away from you!  Turn your eyes and focus away from "what other people have, what they're driving, where they live, how they look, etc." and take a moment to give thanks for the wonderful gifts you have of your own! Don't let your own life pass you by because of your obsession to live or upstage someone else's....that path will leave you frustrated and defeated and my friend you are too precious, insightful, valuable, gifted, confident, motivated, poised, talented, unique and blessed for that!  Yeah, I said it!  ...and when did this become a competition, anyway?  

FREE YOURSELF!  Shine on!  U B U!!

I have no idea how many women will get this message but I hope, in some way, I have encouraged you today.  I don't have to know you to care about you or want you to have the confidence that you need to reach your goals and live your life to the fullest...the best gift you can give yourself is acceptance.  Self-acceptance opens the door for harmony with others and that's what UBU is all about.

Never apologize for being who you are. Never apologize for sharing your gifts and talents with the world.  Don't make the mistake I used to make by dimming your light to make others feel comfortable.   

Laugh when you feel like laughing--out loud!  Dance when you hear the music--why not go for broke?!  BE JOYFUL and walk in the confidence of God!  When you're at your best, it's only then that you can inspire others to be their best.  If God has blessed you with gifts and talents - use them so that He gets the glory and through you, He is able to draw people to Him. 

Your destiny is eagerly waiting to meet you!


by Precious Quire-McCloud


Sometimes, you just need to take a life lesson for what it's worth.  No analyzing, no self-loathing, no regrets or wishing things were different.  Just accepting and trusting that no matter how the lesson is dished out or served, it is tailor-made just for you.  And since it's for you, certain things are crafted with you in mind and certain people are supposed to play a part.  Even when you are uncertain of the role they're meant to play, recognize first and foremost that they have value and they are important to your journey...then coast with them in harmony.


Sometimes, you need to be okay with the hand you're dealt.  It's yours so own everything about it.  Play your hand with confidence and know that no matter what others have, yours is undoubtedly a winning hand.  You have what it takes and are already equipped with everything you need to prosper, overcome and win! Spending your precious time wishing for mo' better could be an exercise in futility and produce nothing more than an endless loop of ungrateful unrest.  To those who are never satisfied with what they have, mo' better never, ever, ever comes and usually leads to mo' drama, mo' strife and mo' bitterness.

Sometimes, when people want to love you, let them.  When they want to show you that they care, embrace them.  When they want to help, step aside and allow them to bless you.  By allowing others to sow positively into your life (by any measure) you ignite the law of reciprocity.  The next time you find yourself wanting to love, care for and help someone, you'll appreciate the acceptance of your gifts.

Sometimes, regardless of how you feel, you need to sit back and just be thankful for the good things in your life.  Things may not be perfect, but God never said they would be - there's no need to be caught off guard by adversity.  What He did say is that He will be with you always.  He says He has a specific plan for you and that plan is to prosper you and to give you hope and a good future.  What is life without hope? What is 'today' without a  little excitement for the joy that 'tomorrow' brings?  Stop trying to figure things out - it's not a part of your job description.  Simply receive God's promises, accept His timing and live your life like the blessing it was created to be. 


Even when weeping endures, the sun is still shining somewhere and it's only a matter of time before its rays warm your life...again.  Today's valleys are no match for yesterday and tomorrow's mountaintop so dance in that valley and faint not!  Close your eyes and imagine yourself as your best self!  Separate yourself from chaos and strife.  See yourself free - you already are!!!


God's plan for you is greater than anything you can imagine!  He has you covered in grace, mercy and love always!  You are a chosen vessel and when you tap into His flow, the possibilities are endless!

Waiting on the Rainbow

by Precious Quire-McCloud

While sitting at work one day, I heard some hustle and bustle at the window right ouside my office.  Curiousity got the best of me and as I looked past the figures gathered at the window, I saw the most beautiful rainbow in my view.  It was expansive and majestic.  I hurried to my purse and in no time at all, I had my phone in my hand; preparing to take a photo of this awesome sight.


As I fumbled with my phone's settings; preparing to capture the "perfect picture", I glanced up and the beautiful rainbow was gone - just like that!  In a moment (it couldn't have been any longer than 5 seconds) the clouds moved in and covered it completely.  The instant euphoria I felt was also gone....trapped behind those clouds.


This was a keen reminder that each moment is a gift and now is only now until the next second comes and makes it a part of our past.  There's nothing we can do to get it back.  Time is the one thing we crave more of, but cannot redeem.  There are no do-overs.  When a time has passed; it's gone forever.


There it was...another truth.  And I had to face it.  Let me share what I learned with you:


Some beauty isn't meant to last forever.  It is meant to be cherished and valued when it is in our midst.  It is the appreciation of it that allows it to continue to exist.  Sometimes, this beauty comes to us in the form of a rainbow.  Sometimes, it is in the form of a compassionate friend who lights our world with their presence.  Sometimes, it comes as the epiphany or lesson during our life's roughest and most painful times.  No matter how it comes or the form it still comes.  It's up to us to realize the value of those encounters and pause long enough to simply enjoy them.


What a travesty it is when that beauty finds us and we neglect, abandon or abuse it.  Don't be so quick to dismiss people.  God is the Master Orchestrator and you never ever know how many of the eggs in someone else's basket were created to enrich you in some way. 


I'll tell you one thing; the next time I see a rainbow, I won't be in such a hurry to get my camera.  I will take it all in and allow my natural lens to capture a picture that my mind will recall for years and years.  Maybe I'll count its colors; naming them as I go... or even look for the proverbial pot of gold.  Shucks, I may just let my imagination run free and wave to the little leprechaun as he mills around.  Whatever I do, I will appreciate that moment for as long as it's meant to stay.


Special moments are fleeting...I guess that's why they're called special. A holiday weekend is upon us (July 4, 2011).  Invite a friend over, spend some time with family, mend a fence or two or invest some time simply being grateful for who you are and what you have right at this very moment.  Worry not about tomorrow.  Be glad for today.  Enjoy your now.

The Precious Gift of Acceptance

by Precious Quire-McCloud


You know...sometimes, the best gift you can give to someone is your acceptance of them when they may not be at their best.  None of us says the right thing ALL of the time or chooses the right course in EVERY situation.  Think back to a time when you wanted someone to understand and support you; accept and validate you; love and regard you simply because you're a human being with feelings/insecurities and you're prone to miss it sometimes.  We all are affected by the pressures of life and sometimes those pressures send us into a tailspin.  While we're spinning (smile), it's nice to hear "it's okay" or witness those words demonstrated through a friend/loved one's actions.


A few years ago, I was in a position where I needed this type of support -   I had a new baby, was dealing with the serious illness of a very dear friend and was feeling pressure to "be all things to all people" in church, at work and within my extracurricular circles.  I was spinning faster than Lance Armstrong in the final stretch of a Tour de France.  During that time, I was still me, but I was a slightly different version of myself.  I was the 'me' who needed to serve myself first, I was the 'me' who desired understanding and patience from those who professed to know me. I was the 'me' who was struggling to connect with normalcy and a SENSIBLE routine.  The more I desired balance, the more I felt it eluding me.


The truth of the matter is that balance was always there - it eluded me because a part of me felt obligated to give and give...and give some more. I learned that people will take from you as long as you are giving; sometimes with no regard to your desire to maintain balance.  It's the unrelenting expectations of others when you're in this spiral that warp things a bit.  So, here's what I want you to catch from this message: No matter what, you are ALWAYS in control of your actions.  If you give beyond your breaking point, don't expect others to feel remorse and certainly don't blame them for still wanting a piece of you - you were on a roll, right? Your choice to give, to extend yourself, to show up where you didn't want to be, to attend a meeting/service just "to be accounted for or to maintain your holy & righteous persona", to prioritize someone or something over your family, to pay a price you couldn't afford or to give time you didn't have...all of these things were your decision - no one forced you.


We've all been there and deal with being 'there' in different ways. Some choose to shut others out, some choose to lean on others and some don't choose anything. I chosse to put my family and my needs first and have not regretted it one single day.  Still, being in this place can be lonely and confusing. Look for signs of this "emotional spinning" in your friends and loved ones. When you observe it, don't walk away from them. Pray for them, seek them out and ask if there is anything you can do to help. Share with them what you've observed and get them to talk.


Genuine and activated concern for someone's welfare is one of the most precious gifts you can give to a friend. When you pause to check in, you are proving that your acceptance of them has no limits; even when their acceptance of themselves does. My, my, my...that's powerful!   Sela.


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